The trimodal storage and transshipment site in Stein, with over 2.5 million tonnes per annum of transshipment, has evolved into one of the biggest inland ports in the Netherlands. It is a port that connects the sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to South Limburg, Aachen and the German hinterland. We offer daily transport to the sea ports by ship, trucky and railway.

With a quay length of over 1 km along the Juliana Channel and a 3.1 m draught, the port can be reached by inland ships and pushbarges up to 2,500 tonnes. The barges can be loaded and unloaded with both, mobile and portal cranes. We can also load barges via a number of jetties and/or ramps.

We will start using a new warehouse for fertilizer in January 2012. It has an integrated, automatic and covered ship loading system, allowing us to process ships even more quickly and in all weather conditions.

The port contains a large internal yard connected to the international railway network, for direct loading and unloading of carriages from and to ships or trucks.

Our 2.5 ha impermeable floor, based by an extensive permit system, allows us to store a range of products whilst protecting the environment and our neighbours, including contaminated soil, slags, tar-containing asphalt, etc.

The Container Terminal Stein is a primary logistical link in container transport between the Euregio and sea ports. With its 100,000 TEU capacity, direct connections to railway, waterways and motorways, and its own container trucking, we operate extremely efficiently and flexibly.

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