WPS Group manages all locations from its head office in Stein and is characterized by short lines of communication.

Key facts and figures

  • Established in 1968
  • Number of employees: 100
  • Turnover  € 25 Mio
  • Transshipment > 4,5 Mio ton annually
  • 4 multimodal inland ports
  • Unloading docks  2.200 m
  • 30 Ha Company ground
  • 35.000 m2 covered storage
  • 2,5 Ha Liquid resistant surface
  • Silo storage 1.400 m3


1968   Establish Handel en exploitatiemij. Wessem NV.

1975   Wessem BV Maastricht

1985   Willems Transport taken over, started with Transport

1987   Wessem Holding BV established

1994   Founding Wessem Port Services BV

1995   Taken over Port activities from DSM in Stein and established Wessem Belgium NV

2004   Start of Wessem Port Services Wegtransport BV

2009   New transshipment Terminal for bulk goods (PTL)

2014   Purchase of land from Chemelot to expand teh Stein location

2017  Purchae of 2 ha. land from municipality of Lanaken for further development of plastic recycling activities

Various investmenst are planned for the near future to keep our company constanly up tot date.